Creating desktop and mobile solutions and be mindful of different screen sizes

In certain situations, mobile usage is essential, hence it is imperative to ensure that the design is accessible and functional across devices.

I have designed for…
Brokerage Website

We created a responsive website for a brokerage client targeting the Chinese market, where mobile experience was particularly important as phone usage had grown significantly compared to desktop computing in China.

Automotive Parts eCatalogue

We worked with Bosch to design an automotive parts catalogue website. A responsive design was necessary to cater to various types of target users, including technicians who need to access assembly instructions on mobile devices in repair workshops, as well as amateurs who might be researching online and ordering parts on a desktop at the same time.

Hospital Air Purification Solution

When we were working on Baxter’s air quality monitoring system for hospitals, we had to take into account that repair requests would go through various users, including system maintenance personnel, on-site engineers, system administrators, and possibly Baxter’s internal engineers. They could be using desktops in an office or using mobile devices on the go.