/ Management

Presenting to internal departments within the company and external industry audiences effectively

Internal presentations allow me to get supports and buy-in from other departments/ stakeholders, while external presentations enable me to raise awareness of our company and help recruiting.

I have presented in…
Cross-functional Presentation

I often presented at company-wide or cross-departmental meetings, raising issues that require interdepartmental awarenesses, or helping other functional members of the company to understand the design team’s daily work. This deepened mutual understanding and helped us collaborate more effectively.

Knowledge Sharing in the Industry

With the purpose of promoting the company and recruiting talents, I had given presentations at events like Agile Tour 2018 and Dribble Sharing, covering topics such as establishing flexible work modes in an agile environment for designers, the daily work of the design team at Gogolook, and more.

Client Presentation

When I worked at the consultancy, I often assisted with client pitches for business development to help build trust and generate interest from clients. Additionally, I always aimed to be clear, concise, and engaging in the final design presentations for my projects.