Creating design guidelines for better consistency and efficiency

While working with other designers, I often initiate the construction of a design guideline in order to establish a shared language for consistency and efficiency. A design guideline also provides a framework for developers to quickly implement the design.

I have led…
Wireframe Kits

When I worked at MING Labs, the team’s rapid expansion caused issues with document consistency and work efficiency. To solve this problem, I proactively developed a wireframe kit consisting of pre-built components to enable designers work more productively.

UX UI Guideline

When I led the design team at Gogolook, I requested time from the company to collaborate with the team in reviewing previously designed pages and jointly creating UX UI guidelines. I also invited the development team to establish a design system together to ensure the overall consistency of our apps.

Illustration Style Guide

Similar to the UX UI guidelines, I took advantage of the extra time to collaboratively develop an illustration style guide with the design team, as we didn’t have any in-house illustrator. After a drawing session, we extracted the visual elements from everyone’s illustrations to achieve a visually cohesive outcome.