/ UX

Detailing concepts and constructing the interaction design

My goal in interaction design is always to physicalize an abstract idea into a user-friendly solution, as well as effectively communicate it to the stakeholders.

My outputs include…
Information Architecture

I use information architecture to define the hierarchy of each page, ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for. It also helps to confirm the project scope with other stakeholders.


To ensure that design deliverables are easily accessible and understandable over time, I make sure to thoroughly document all interactions and link all relevant resources to a single location.


I draw low-fidelity wireframes by hand for rapid communication, as well as develop high-fidelity wireframe kits to increase design efficiency.


I typically create clickable prototypes based on a specific user flow to identify any design issues within a given scenario. While I do use it for usability testing, I try to avoid confusing users with non-finalized visual details.